Dimensions: 1920x1080p
Runtime: 04:10

A chance for morning rain prompted us to seek parlous shelter and forced us to sit closer together and face to face.

The warmth of midday reminded us that we had never fully appreciated the capacitive quality of city pavement. An alley became our beach and the cement became our sand. Warm feelings surged throughout.

By nightfall we were pros. The hum of a streetlight became the voice of infinity. We lit two candles in observance and waited patiently.

We find places that aren't typically considered destinations and make them a place for leisure. Leisure can be radical if taken out of context. Anything can. In some situations the very act of standing can be illicit.
We search for the great Unspace and hope to make it habitable, if only for a while.

Simultaneous Perspectives

Looped Animation

Specular Reflections can appear at different places on a surface depending on the perspective of the viewer. As a child I used to wonder about this. We were looking at the same grocery store floor but it appeared different depending on how we looked at it.