My goal is simple. I want to achieve clarity through effortlessness and transparency. This is paradoxical, I know, but I feel it imperative that I strive to blur the distinction between effortlessness and effort itself. My prior efforts to affect change were based on the presumption that I was not affecting change, which was of course false. Inaction is action. My practice will involve meditation, sleep, impromptu interjections, random declarations and indifference. Before now, I did paintings under the pretense that they merited some special distinction above the normal declaration of art. Now I do whatever I want. To put it simply, I declare anything I want to be art and it becomes so. My art is visualized through simple gestures such as breathing, hopping or blinking with much emphasis on the singular tentative nature of existence. Sometimes this is recorded for posterity and sometimes it is not. I’ve found that in my attempt to achieve this clarity, focusing on the moment at hand has become invaluable. There is no stability; everything is always moving/changing including time itself. Here is not here and now is not now. Everything is new. Perhaps my goal to reach some sort of clarity is an ill-fated one because perhaps there is no such thing as clarity, but realize, the very declaration of my will to find clarity is a sign of my complicity towards this inevitable failure. So wish me luck! I’m sure my contradictions will be many and my logic will be cyclical in nature, but that’s the way it goes. That’s my journey.

Simple Imposition

I'm on the verge of embarking on an epic journey to reach a state of effortlessness. It will take much effort. The irony is not lost on me. I will start by breathing, or perhaps smiling.