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Water DamagePollyanna's HyperboleOrcosmicDon't sit under the apple tree.  (With anyone else but me.)After Inka, After ThomasWarmth or terrifying?
The Daydreamer's BiasUntitled.BubbleAfter Rachel!!!Untitled Pink and Green

Relocation: A Tribe of 1

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Strength through timidity. Seeking the courage to scout my new surroundings I'm inserting myself into the landscape, which has become the reality of my imagination.  Walk, climb, stretch, and remain flexible.


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Animated Gif
504 x 340 Pixels

Anxiety about the past. (Remembering what my hands feel like.)

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"Shoal"  2011
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Eschatology is a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind.  

Anxious again, but comforted by my own touch.  

Two Blues

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From: "Untitled" Gif Animation Series