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I was fortunate to get a great little write up on the HiFructose website. Very cool. Check it out here.


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I've been working on mini oil paintings lately. These are 6 inch squared panels and one 8 inch diameter panel. It's been challenging for me to focus so much mental energy on these little things but it's been incredibly rewarding. It's a whole new little world for me. How does one pull oneself into something that is only about as wide as the distance between pupils? Patience, I suppose. Brushes are so clumsy at this scale but if I sit with it long enough, it'll grab me and finesse bubbles up.  
These are my little mysteries. My cozy little imagination ciphers.  


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Oil on Paper

Fall is here and updates are due.  This year went really quickly.  The L.A. fire is still on my mind

Show at HCA

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I had the chance to show in my hometown this past month at the Harrison Center for the Arts' Annex space.  It was very short notice so it was kind of a mixture of images.

The work of work is work.

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(Photo Credit: MCAC)

I was honored to be a part of the McLean County Art Center's "Emerging Artist" Show this year.  It was a great time and Bloomington Illinois was a blast.

Also, more updates will be coming soon in the form of photographs.  And as always you can see my most recent work (in-progress even) on my instagram feed.