See. She is your mirror.

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See. She is your mirror. was a small show I put on this spring.  It was about fantasy, love, loss, and most importantly, the mythological "her." It was also about all the magical things I'd be too ashamed to talk about in art school.  I did anyway.  

I love that velvety place that your mind goes when something glows or shimmers.  I see this sort of ephemera being worshiped in art frequently.  It is not a new concept.  I wanted to stretch those moments out thoughindulge in them or indulge them.  I lingered in them and the world started to light up around me.  I listened to Zbigniew Preisner read Borges, and watched movies about constellations because even though I am stardust, I have to make myself remember how to feel that way.

The Borges poem The Moon was the inspiration for the title of the show.  
It reads:

There is such solitude in that gold.
The moon of these nights is not the moon
The first Adam saw. Long centuries
Of human vigil have filled her with
An old lament. See. She is your mirror.

Below are some install shots:

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