Light reflection on slightly wet suface.

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It started with a hypothesis and a sketch. The idea was to capture reflected light following my feet. I strapped a piece of cord to my tripod and to the light post to keep myself centered. I proceeded to move around the light in a circumference as wide as the string dictated. The opportunity for composition presented itself as the sphere(light) fell over painted demarcation lines. I used a b camera to simultaneously capture a second point of view where the light was static.

I love this. Light reflects of a specular surface at the same angle it is projected on to it. At different points of view the light will appear to be in a different place on a surface.

This is my timid affirmation of a singular existence. You and I, we cannot occupy the same space (at the same time) therefore each reflection will be unique. But this is marvelous because you can tell me about how you see it. And we can talk, and laugh, and maybe get to know each other a little better.

23 Irregular positions circling a light post (excerpt)

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